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Super flumina

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Super Flumina

Romantic Religious Music from Belgium

On the waves of the biblical river drifts our fate.
As we sat beside her banks, we sang.

The works were selected from our rich romantic tradition, an art form which has been chosen by many artists stretching well into the 20th century even through years of turbulent social, political and cultural change. The CD cover, as colourful as the music, illustrates the art nouveau period in which Jongen, Van Nuffel, Plum and van Hoof lived.

The inspiration for these compositions was religious. The texts exude a wealth of images, emotions, values and reminiscences, and the music is enhanced by the use of Church Latin.

The atmospheric and inspiring Jesuit Chapel in Heverlee was used for this recording. It has a powerful and yet versatile organ: a Cavaillé-Coll built in 1880, a smaller version of the organ of St Clotilde in Paris on which César Franck played. In the hands (and feet) of Peter Thomas it reveals its finest nuances.

The names of the composers may be more renowned than their music. They wrote these works at a time of religious idiom which we (believers and non believers) have put behind us. Precisely because of this we can now appreciate this music on its own merit.

Such musical richness of imagery, colour and splendour, seemingly comes from a kingdom not of this world, yet comes from our own Kingdom of Belgium.

The artists

This recording is an initiative of the Gents Madrigaalkoor. Our aim is to captivate the public with interesting choral music of a high standard incorporating romantic and contemporary music, including some of the great classics.

Over the years the choir has enjoyed considerable acclaim, both at home and abroad. Since 1973, the Gents Madrigaalkoor has been conducted by Johan Duijck who is a renowned pianist, conductor and composer working mainly in Belgium, England and Spain.

For this recording the choir obtained the services of Peter Thomas, a sensitive musician, organ virtuoso and also a great authority on and promoter of organs and organ music.

The works


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