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el Camino del Alma

el Camino del Alma
Johan Duijck


Alma de la Música

Johan Duijck, opus 16 (1996), for soprano solo, choir and orchestra
based on the text of Fray Luis de León (1527-1591)

Gents Madrigaalkoor
Vlaams Radio Koor
Collegium Instrumentale Brugense
Hilde Coppé, soprano
Johan Duijck, director

Cantar del Alma

Johan Duijck, opus 24 (2004) for contralto solo, choir and piano
based on the text of San Juan de la Cruz (1542-1591)

Vlaams Radio Koor
Noëlle Schepens, alto
Hans Ryckelynck, piano
Johan Duijck, director

Alma, búscate en Mí

Johan Duijck, opus 25 (2005) for mixed choir and organ
based on the text of Santa Teresa de Ávila (1515-1582)

Gents Madrigaalkoor
Ignace Michiels, organ
Johan Duijck, director

The Performers

The Gents Madrigaalkoor is very pleased that it was able to collaborate in the making of this recording with such close musical friends. Their connection with composer and conductor Johan Duijck can only strengthen the expressive power of these works.

The Gents Madrigaalkoor is one of the best amateur choirs in Flanders. Since 1973 it has been conducted by Johan Duijck and has performed many romantic and contemporary works. In 2002 - 2003 the choir became Choir of the Year. Previously in 1997 it was awarded the title of Cultural Ambassador for Flanders on the occasion of the Spanish creation of the work Alma de la Música.

The Vlaams Radio Koor, of which Johan Duijck is chief conductor, has grown from a studio ensemble into a concert ensemble since 1998, the year when it became independent from the broadcasting network. The ensemble has obtained an outstandingly high level of music recognized both at home and abroad.

The Collegium Instrumentale Brugense is a renowned chamber orchestra, having respect for the historical playing techniques. In their performances, they always seek the stylistic character of each composition.

Hilde Coppé is an internationally renowned soprano soloist singing baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary music.

Noëlle Schepens, the alto soloist, has worked with Johan Duijck in the Vlaams Radio Koor for many years. She also conducts various choirs.

Ignace Michiels, organist, teaches in Bruges and Ghent and has played on organs all over the world producing many CD recordings and radio broadcasts. In Bruges he is the resident organist of Sint- Salvator and is the organizer of the cathedral's concerts. He conducted the oratory choir Cantores and co-founded the Regerkoor.

Hans Ryckelynck studied piano under Johan Duijck, initially at the Music Conservatory of Ghent and then at the Muziekkapel Koningin Elizabeth in Brussels. He is in much demand throughout the world, particularly in Japan.

Johan Duijck, laureate of the Dexia Classics Competition, is active as a choir director, pianist, teacher and composer, principally throughout Great-Britain, Flanders and Spain. His musical passion is inspired by his classical training and his affinity with language, literature and philosophy. These elements have certainly contributed to the richness of el Camino del Alma.

the works

The Camino del Alma (the way of the soul) is based on texts by three of the most important mystical poets from the golden age of the Spanish Renaissance, "el Siglo de Oro".

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